February 22, 2018

Hot Japan Cars News

The interesting status images Toyota Prius III which appeared the day before in a global network and have caused interest at Internet community possess. The motor-car manufacturer storing in such cases stoical silence, publicly recognised, that in pictures its child which debut will take place in Detroit is represented, however to recognise photos official also has refused.

According to the information placed on official blog Toyota Motor, four photos Prius did not extend according to usual procedure in such cases. Nevertheless, the company recognises, that on them is embodied really Toyota Prius the new generation which official debut will take place in January, 2009 on the International motor show in Detroit (NAIAS). Quality of pictures mismatches accepted in similar cases, however they are not “espionage”.

The company does not make comments, which image of the image had appeared in a network, informs Japancar. Thus Toyota for the clear reasons abstains and from promulgation of details concerning characteristics and a technical component of the car. All interested are offered to wait on January, 11th when the official presentation of a hybrid will take place.

Nevertheless, some details are already known from earlier messages Toyota Motor. New Prius will have the gasoline engine volume (1,8), in comparison with model of present generation. Power of hybrid electric motors also will be increased.

Definitively the question concerning type of accumulator batteries is not solved. Informally the car will keep nickel AKB as the perspective it is ion-litievye still are in a completion stage. The company also informs, that the space of interior and baggage compartment volume considerably will increase, in comparison with present Prius.