February 22, 2018

Hot Japan Cars News

Development history

The first Accord, appeared in May, 1976, first has been offered public only with a body a hatchback was the car with located cross-section 1,6-litre 80-strong engine. Sedan Accord was issued only a year later.

In 1978 the scale of engines has been filled up 1,8 l by the unit.

In 1980 one million cars Honda Accord has been exhausted.

Since then, representing on public court each following generation Accord, experts Honda entered new improvements that has allowed it to win a title “the Best car of year in Japan” and during 3 years to be the most sold car in the USA.

1982 Honda Accord the second generation start to assemble in the USA: the car became the first Japanese which manufacture has been adjusted in New Light, and since 1988 American Honda Accord even start to export to Japan.

In 1983 there is a restyling of cars of the second generation. There is ABS, 12-klapannye engines and an automatic check point with effective blocking of the hydrotransformer. On engines 1,8 now system of distributed injection PGM-FI with electronic control.

And the versatile person under firm name Aerodeck has been added to a hatchback and a sedan only in 1985, on cars of the third generation. This generation distinguished presence of a front two-lever suspender and engines in volume from the previous 1,8 and 2,0 DOHC.

The epoch of the fourth generation has fallen 1990 – 1993. Quality of a paint and varnish covering of cars of this generation has been improved, that promoted excellent resistibility of corrosion. An inner trim of faultless quality, a soft covering of seats. Version ES was distinguished by seats with a leather covering. In 1992 have eliminated the miscalculations admitted at fastening of a windshield.

Especial popularity from versions of the fourth generation at buyers uses 2,0i LS with the 131-strong unit. Except the usual serial equipment, LS offers: ABS of brakes, the hatch in a roof, electric window regulators in all four doors, vanity mirrors with the electric drive, etc. the Luxury version 2,0i ES has the high quality equipment: aluminium disks of wheels, wooden inserts, a leather upholstery of interior, air air conditioner, a pillow of safety and the central lock.

In 1991 the scale of engines replenishes 2,2 DOHC.

Since 1992 Accord starts to be issued in the Great Britain.

The next, fifth generation under account Honda Accord debuted in 1993. Initially the lineup has been presented only by a body a sedan, and only in couple of years there were versions with bodies of a coupe and the versatile person. Thanks to the zinced body, Accord this generation well resists to corrosion. Possesses spacious enough interior which internal space allows, it will quite comfortably be arranged both ahead, and behind. In furnish qualitative materials with advantage the past test by time are used. Seats convenient, with accurately expressed lateral support.

Technical characteristics of Honda Accord

Engines differ power and reliability. To them in this generation mechanics Honda had been added the unit 2,2 DOHC VTEC. At qualitative and timely service, they are capable to leave to 400 thousand kilometres. The suspender is adjusted in such a manner that is capable to satisfy even the most exacting driver.

On reliability Accord is in number of leaders. All units have the big resource that explains their high enough cost.
To increase

In 1997 on change sixth generation Accord comes. This modernisation has concerned basically the engines, which steels more counterbalanced, economic and less noisy. The buyer can choose one of two four-cylinder engines a working volume of 1,8 and 2 l power accordingly 115 and 131 h.p. 3 l will be issued Besides, Accord with volume of the engine. VTEC V6 (200 h.p.) which differs extraordinary economic fuel consumption.

Engine VTEC a working volume of 2,2 l develops 150 h.p. while power of a diesel engine with direct injection of the fuel developed in firm “Rover”, makes 105 h.p. Engines are established together with a 5-step mechanical or 4-step automatic gear box. Five-lever rear suspension specially developed for this car provides good roadability and high smoothness of a course.

All cars are equipped by an adjustable steering tube, the steering booster, the hydrocorrector of headlights, rear screen heating up, an immobilizer, the central lock with remote control, the electric drive of mirrors, the aerial, audioconducting, dynamics. Bodies of cars have a bilaterial galvanic corrosion-resistant coating.

4-Door sedan is issued in the Great Britain (Swindon), the USA and to Canada, the coupe and the versatile person are delivered from the USA. Engines at the American models – 2.2, all injectors, powers – 125, 130 and 140 h.p. depending on a complete set (DX, LX, EX, SE).


High level of safety does Accord similar on аdтомобиль a class lux: two pillows of safety, door strengthening beams, three-dot seat belts on rear seats, and also everything, that helps the driver to steer car – system ABS, ventilated brake plates and an obedient steering.

Extensive use of the advanced technologies provides the highest level of safety and ecological compatibility, exclusive carefulness of the manufacturing, improved usage characteristics, the outstanding dynamic qualities, the raised comfort and expressive style.

Accord this generation answers all safety requirements. This car – a part of the newest comprehensive programme, which essence consists that all versions exhausted in the world for the markets of the various countries, are based on a uniform platform and are completed from uniform basic mechanical knots and components. Each of four versions (European, American, Japanese and Asian) has the features and differs design and in the sizes.

Now European Accord is issued in two versions – 4 doorsedan and five-door a hatchback. On the Russian market it is delivered only 4 doors sedan.

At Accord the sixth generation there was also charged version Type-R – with hot high performance engine in volume of 2,2 l which developed 212 h.p.

In 2001 there was a small restyling which promised some more additional years of the sixth generation on the conveyor. And suddenly, in 2002 Honda represents new generation of popular model. Generation which has received a serial number seven.

And if there is no limit to perfection it is possible to tell unequivocally, that with release of this generation Honda has made a decisive step to it towards.

The seventh Accord became larger, is more adult and is more solid than the predecessor. Over design of the new car experts of the Frankfurt studio of firm Honda worked. Apparently, before designers there was a traditional problem: on the one hand, to keep recognition of mark (as Honda – one of few Japanese marks to distinguish which it is possible, not peering in emblems and inscription), and with another – to adapt shape Accord for the European stereotypes.


The interior became absolutely to another. Only echoes of former Japanese spirit – in the top mouldings on door panels or in the characteristic round form underwheel switches Here have remained. But basically both design, and study level – at the highest European level.

The tool panel represents dark space when ignition is switched off also the car is closed, but as soon as locks of doors are unblocked, the panel is shined and becomes even brighter with ignition key turning movement thanks to internal illumination.

High-contrast, easily readable devices of the big diameter have white and red scales depending on version.

In an arrangement of numerous buttons on a front panel the accurate logic is traced. And excellent devices led by a huge speedometer are supplied by function Night Panel: during dark time of days it is possible to disconnect all dials and to leave in sight only shone speedometer. Among other features – system Profiler with which help it is possible to change options of heating up of seats, an anti-theft system etc.

If Accord in more expensive version the display will be large and colour, and in addition also interactive, with function touch-screen: to wander under the menu it is possible a contact of virtual keys which are highlighted on the screen. Earlier such luxury in Europe offered only Lexus, now-also Honda.

The new body is looked dynamically enough and prestigiously. Honda offers on a choice eight colours of a body with nacreous or metal shine in a combination to various beige or black interiors.

The streamline form, fine dynamic ruggedness and the improved noise isolation of the car, transform interior new Accord into exclusively cosy and quiet place of stay. The pleasant, stylish conditions, unusual design of a front panel plus use of high-quality materials and ideally adjusted joints – all it as a whole testify to the highest quality of manufacturing.

Rather comfortable stay in interior create 2-zonnyj the climate control, CD-player and a rain sensor (all in the standard). To order it is possible to receive leather furnish, player DVD with steering of the menu of a touch to the display, wooden inserts and lateral inflatable curtains which have applied for Accord for the first time.

Audiosystem and system cruise – the control options allow to change the buttons of steering located on a wheel, not removing hands from a wheel and not distracting from road.

Luggage compartment Accord makes 450 litres – one of the most spacious and capacious in a class. The practical form with a wide, flat floor allows to place a cargo considerable quantity easily. Additional convenience is provided with the electric gear, allowing to open a luggage compartment easy pressing the button located on a cover.

In the best way Accord it is looked in most dynamical version Type S.

Outstanding feature Accord is its aerodynamics: the factor of aerodynamic resistance Сх makes only 0,26, that deduces it on the advanced boundaries in segment D. Such possibilities to resist to a wind allow to reach the best dynamic indicators, to lower fuel consumption and улучшь a noise isolation.
To increase

In car heart only fast and energetic, completely new aluminium engine, however, for the USA have left V6 – 30 l and 240 h.p. New units amaze with supervolumes (2,0 l and 2,4), but name Honda means, that displacement volume not the most important. So the 2,4-litre engine develops 190 l. With and 220 nanometers (at 4500 1/mines). New engines became more economic (there is even special version 2,0 of l with the changed main pair for high fuel economy) and purer (correspond to Euro 4). For the sake of increase of smoothness of work have applied 2 balancing shaft, but the most important innovation – the new system I-VTEC changing not only phases of gas distribution, but also height of lifting of valves. She guarantees powerful and fast speedup from any turns.

Further all this power is transferred to front wheels by means of new check points. The automatic machine 5-step also allows to switch now drives manually (mode Sport Shift). With the 2-litre engine the new 5-step mechanics, and with 2,4-litrovikom – 6-step is aggregated also.

Creating new Accord engineers of the company have passed from a traditional design of suspenders on double cross-section levers for front and rear wheels to more difficult and advanced multilever suspender of wheels providing special smoothness of driving, accuracy and stability in steering, and also advantages in configuration.

Separately it is necessary to tell about brakes with an informative pedal and ideally adjusted by ABS. Will please hazardous goers and system of stabilisation VSA. Her you will not reproach with inconsiderate intervention in managerial process by the car: the driver quite presumes to itself some pranks. But if the situation becomes aggravated and there will be a real threat of an exit of the car from under the control – system VSA here as here. And it works softly, unostentatiously and does not contradict intentions of the driver. Into base equipment also enter EBD and an emergency brake application.

Type S has other furnish with inserts under carbon and red illumination of devices. For version Economic (with other main pair) instead of the climate control the air conditioner and single-layered glasses is used.

The design and design of sedan Honda Accord of the seventh generation deduce this car on new boundaries. Henceforth it becomes one of the basic applicants for success in a class of prestigious cars with sports character. Owners new Accord will receive a maximum of positive emotions from stylish design and huge pleasure from a driving.

Today the Japanese cars have strongly won the market in Europe, and in our country too. They are convenient, dynamical, durable and reliable, therefore are in demand at buyers.