February 22, 2018

Hot Japan Cars News

The management of Japanese autoconcern Toyota has officially confirmed the fact of creation of new generation sport car MR2.

In interview Auto Express vice-president of Toyota has declared, that the concern is occupied by working out new small hybrid a sport penalty which will come in the stead models MR2.

“We remained are happy with how there were sales sport penalty MR2 that has jogged us on creation of hybrid sports model, – one of heads Toyota has told. – If it is necessary to buyers to liking novelty cost it will use quite good demand”.

On preliminary data, the coupe will receive a rear wheel drive and the compact engine with power, sufficient to disperse the car to first “hundred” for 7 seconds Level of blowout CO2 will not exceed 100/km

The price hybrid a sport penalty which main competitor becomes Honda CR-Z, will make an order €21 thousand.